Being deeply curious, my creative direction has always been informed by strategy. I believe we as humans are innately curious and driven to understand the “why” in everything. That drive for knowledge is what leads to the decisions and choices we make, as consumers and as business folk. That's why there is no such thing as simply pretty design and clever language. Everything must be steeped in reason, even if those decisions are emotionally driven. Yes, at times subjective, but always with intention. This is where my work begins.


With a wildly circuitous professional path, I am deeply grateful. I cut my teeth at Calvin Klein when Mark Walberg was rapping and Kate Moss was an unknown waif from England. From there I co-founded the boutique fashion advertising agency Badgerway, planted myself at Saatchi & Saatchi for a run with L’eggs and Playtex, launched and produced Martha Stewart’s lifestyle television show, marketed sexy plus-sized clothing for Lane Bryant, positioned myself with TATOO Brand Consulting, extended the Discovery brand with stores, and lead creative for the integrated marketing arm of Edelman. Whew! What a ride so far.


Always craving a new challenge, my ideal day starts with yes. 


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