When a 48-year old fashion brand has an über loyal fan base, one thing is inevitable – she grows older. Rather than abandon our faithful doyenne, we repositioned the brand to stop thinking about age and begin focusing on the energy beneath her lifestyle. The result – a reinvigorated modern classic that breaks the rules of fashionista narcissism and trades it in for a whimsical, energetic voice.


The evolved brand downplays the person, Babette, and instead leverages the emotional values of the brand with the ever-important value of social collateral. Now we celebrate a woman living an inspired life, claiming her independence yet conspiring with her most trusted allies. This provides the framework for the brand’s expression.


With 7 locations in highly desirable markets plus E-commerce and wholesale, a blend of geo-targeted marketing efforts with a strong dose of social media has raised awareness and, ultimately, sales for this veteran brand.